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Why Spring Cleaning Should Include Your Tile and Grout 

Why Spring Cleaning Should Include Your Tile and Grout 

Spring cleaning needs to include your tile and your grout because these two items are notorious for filth. If you wait too long to clean your tile and grout, you will find that you must pay a lot of money to replace it. Taking the time to clean and maintain this important part of your home regularly will allow you to keep your tile longer.

We see a lot of different kinds of tile and grout, but there are a few basic signs that tell us when you, the homeowner, need to do a thorough cleaning. Check through this list and see whether any of these ring true for you.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew often show up on the caulking and the grout in your home, however, this is a much bigger problem than you think. If you can see mold and mildew on your tile, then it has grown into a much larger problem behind the tile itself. This is going to be a job for a plumber because you need to not only clean the grout but kill the mold living behind it.

Cracked Lines

Do you see cracked lines in your tile and grout? If you see cracks in your tile and grout, then it needs to be redone. You need to connect the pieces with a new seal, new caulk, or completely new tiles. The problem with cracked lines is that the water damage has already occurred. You can guarantee that water has moved beyond the crack and is currently creating mold and mildew in your home. This is a problem that needs to be fixed immediately and goes beyond a simple soak and scrub of the tile.

Uneven Seals

This is something that we commonly see with tile and grout in shower and bathtubs. When you look at the seal, is it even or is it uneven? Are the edges of the seal lifted or curled upwards? If so, water can get behind the seal and fester so that mold and mildew develop. When you are spring cleaning, make sure that you check each individual seal and redo that seal if it does not completely connect to the edges.

With regular maintenance, you can keep your tile in good condition for years to come. If you need help cleaning and maintaining your tile and grout, contact us today. We would be honored to help you take care of your home.

By Grout Medic Colorado Springs 4-22-2021

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