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How to Recaulk Your Bathtub

How to Recaulk Your Bathtub

The Grout Medic is happy to help you with any of your tile and grout needs. We can clean, repair, and replace tile and grout in any area of your home. We can also replace your cement grout with a more durable, longer lasting, and easier to clean epoxy grout. In addition to grout and tile, we can also give attention to any caulking you have. But if you have the time and skills and want to try your hand at replacing your own bathtub caulk, here are some tips that will help you get the job done.

Supplies You’ll Need

-Painter’s Tape

-Bathroom Use Caulk

-Caulk Gun

-Utility Knife

-Putty Knife

Step One: Remove Caulk

The first step is to remove any pre-existing caulking. You can use your putty knife for this, or a utility knife is great for cutting any stubborn bits away. Just run the edge underneath it and it should come away easily.

Clean the Surface

Next you will want to remove any leftover caulking residue. You can do this with a cloth or sponge soaked in vinegar or mineral spirits. This should be sufficient but if you find that there is some residue that just won’t budge, liquid caulk remover may help.

Prepare the Surface

After all the caulk is removed and the area is completely dry, you will want to map out your workspace with painter’s tape. Blocking in the caulking area will help you to achieve a straight line as well as make cleaning up a breeze. Don’t skip this step!

Apply the Caulk

Once you’ve prepared the surface you can apply the caulk. Cut the tip of the caulking nozzle at a 45-degree angle. This will help it fit into the seam you’ll be working in. Load that into the gun and begin running the product evenly along the wall of the tub. Make sure to work at a nice pace. If you linger too long in one spot, too much product will build up. If you work too fast, you won’t get a nice, even distribution of caulk. Once you have applied enough product to the desired area, take a wet finger and run it along the caulking line. This will ensure that you get a smooth, even line and that any pockets or bubbles are filled. Finally, you can remove the tape.

And there you have it! A step-by-step guide on how to re-caulk a tub.

By Grout Medic 8-2-2021

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