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All About Heated Flooring

All About Heated Flooring

Tile flooring is tough and beautiful, making it a hardy choice for many households. But if the thought of stepping onto cold tiles in the Winter puts you off the idea of tile flooring, you may want to consider heated flooring. Here’s what you should know about this option.


As far as pros go, heated flooring can greatly increase the comfort of your home. With heated flooring, you will not have to brace yourself before placing your bare feet on your tile floors. You can ditch your slippers even, unless they are cute. A popular area that homeowners choose for heated flooring is the bathroom and it is easy to see why. Heated flooring is a luxury upgrade. So, if you ever decide to sell your home, heated floors are a choice selling point.


Probably the biggest con when it comes to heated flooring is the initial investment. Typically, heating systems will run you about $600 before the addition of installation labor. Another potential downside is the fact that they can make it difficult to work on your floors. If you need to have your grout or tile replaced and the technician does not know what they are doing, they can easily damage one of the heating elements and render it useless.

If you live in the Colorado Springs area, hiring an inexperienced technician to work on your floors is not something you have to worry about. Our team at The Grout Medic know how to skillfully repair grout and tile even with heating elements in place. We are careful to provide you satisfying results without sustaining and damage to your heating system.

If you are ready to say goodbye to frigid tile floors and upgrade your home, heated flooring is a great option for you. And when it comes time for fresh grout or when you need tile repaired, have peace of mind in knowing that The Grout Medic team has you covered.

By Grout Medic 10-8-2021

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