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Protect Your Tile and Grout from Ice Melt This Winter

Protect Your Tile and Grout from Ice Melt This Winter

Each new season presents a new set of potential issues when caring for the tile and grout in your home. And while tile flooring is generally a low maintenance choice, that does not mean it is no maintenance. If you want your tile to look its best for as long as possible, The Grout Medic is eager to share with you how you can properly protect and care for it when dealing with Winter conditions. Specifically, we want to highlight how you can protect your tile and grout from ice melt.

How Ice Melt Can Harm Tile

Any area that deals with snow and ice on a regular basis during the Winter knows that many cities and homeowners use ice melt to manage these icy conditions. The problem with this is when you inevitably end up tracking some inside your home. The chemicals used in ice melts will end up eating away at the protective finish of your tiles leaving them dull and vulnerable to more permanent damage. And as far as your grout goes, ice melts can do even more damage there. The more it is walked on, the deeper into your grout the ice melt will get and the more damage it can cause. Worst case, it can even go so far as to erode down to your subfloor and weaken the bond between your grout and tile itself.

How to Protect Against It

Your first line of defense against the damaging effects of ice melt is to remove your shoes at the door. The main way that this chemical finds its way inside is by hitching a ride on the bottom of our shoes. By leaving your shoes by the door, you will greatly reduce how much ice melt, if any, gets tracked inside. In addition to that effort, you can make it your aim to regularly sweep and mop your tile flooring. This way, any ice melt that may be present will be removed before it has time to do real damage to your tile or grout.

If you do notice that the Winter season has taken a toll on your tile flooring, however, do not dismay! Just give The Grout Medic of Colorado Springs a call. No matter what afflicts your tile or grout, our professional team has the equipment and knowledge needed to cure it.

By The Grout Medic Colorado Springs 12-7-2020

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