Tile and Grout Cleaning

If you have been scrubbing at your tile and grout with a bucket and a brush and haven’t seen the wanted results, then don’t wait any longer. The Grout Medic provides homeowners with certified professionals to provide you with the best restoration work on the market. In surpassing many of the high expectations we have been labeled the “Expert of Choice” by the leaders in tile and grout manufacturers. In this we have taken much pride in the work that we do. One of the many things that sets us apart from most businesses that do work like ours is the fact that we use Advanced Steam Vapor Technology. This has provided us with results that go beyond exceptional means when it comes to the work that we do. In our process of cleaning your tile and grout we ensure that your grout joints and loose tiles won’t be damaged, our process is also environmentally friendly. This means that babies and puppies alike are safe and free from harm. This is because the vapor technology that we use is low pressure and of high temperature. The combination of the two allows for the dirt and grime to be brushed off with the ease of a stiff brush at the end.

Additionally, not only do we have the technology to get the job done but we also have a team of certified professionals to preform such jobs to the standard of excellence that is set. Customer Service is of great importance so while we provide the homeowner with such service to a high standard, we also hold our standard of customer service above and beyond what is normally expected. Our continual dedication to such standards means that when you see our uniform you are always getting the best in the industry of the after-care market of your tile and grout.

Acidic Cleansers Often made of phosphoric or sulfamic acids, acidic grout cleaners can create noxious fumes while in use, and erode the grout they are used on, reducing its lifespan.
Alkaline Cleansers Alkaline cleaners, often bleach-based, should only be used in a well-ventilated area with respiration equipment, as the fumes can be overwhelming.
Steam Cleaning The steam cleaning process used by the Grout Medic leaves no residue other than water, and is able to fully sanitize and clean grout lines with no exhaust or fumes.

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