Caulking is incredibly important when it comes to your shower because it is the first line of defense when met with water. Mold and mildew can grow and build up over time until it finally peaks its ugly head through the cracks of your shower. When this has occurred, you’re in need of more than just a simple recaulk. In this situation you’ll need to get to the root of the issue by treating the mold and mildew behind the caulking in the corners and cracks of your shower. The Grout Medic ensures that the mold that has grown in your shower is expunged and that your caulking has a proper seal in the corners of your shower. Our process consists of eradicating the original mold and cleaning of the corners where the mold used to lay. While exposed we apply an anti-mold treatment to make sure that we kill the mold and mildew behind the tile. After administering the treatment, we then use 100% silicon caulking to seal the seams. This comes to be among one of our most popular services because of the transformation that takes place.

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