Meet Our Grout Medics


In June of 1982 Harold and his wife Tania immigrated to Denver from Venezuela just two weeks after their wedding day. After arriving here Harold got a scholarship to help pay for part of his tuition at the University of Denver. In the process for attending classes he worked hard in paying for the remainder of his tuition by working as a janitor where he learned to clean carpets, strip and wax floors as well as clean tile and grout.

After 4 years of living in Denver Harold decided that it would be in the best interest of his family if they all remained here. He stayed and started working at a large information handling company in the day and in the night continuing to work as a janitor with his wife. During this time period they had their oldest son, Jesus in 1984 and just two years later their youngest, Veronica.

In establishing their roots deeper into Denver, they decided in 1989 to buy a house where their family could grow and thrive in. To support his growing family, he decided with over a decade of experience under his belt to start a cleaning company of his own in 1994. While it worked for a while with Tania cleaning vacant apartments in the day and in the night both cleaning office buildings, they did eventually lose the business in 2006.

Although this certainly made things difficult it didn’t stop Harold from pursuing his dream to be a successful business owner. Making the best out of a difficult situation he decided that he would purchase The Grout Medic franchise in Denver in 2006. To help get the business up and running Tania and Jesus, his son, started working with him. It has now been over a decade and we are still helping to restore tile and grout in the Denver area. They have also recently added Colorado Springs to their service area!


Having been born and raised in Denver, Jesus met his lovely wife, Rachelle, here and were eventually married. Soon after they had their first daughter Isabella and a some years later they had their second daughter, Lola.

With the devasting loss of his Dad’s cleaning business in October of 2006 and with the purchase of The Grout Medic in the following month, Jesus decided it was time to step in and pull his weight in the family business. From that moment forward he has been working by his father’s side. From their first day of business on December 1st till now they have continued working hard together. There is nothing like working with someone you can truly count on to always be there for you.

In striving to be the best we have achieved the status of experts in the business of tile and grout restoration. We endeavor for excellence in every job we do and if you aren’t happy then we come back till we have reached that standard.


Jorge is the shortest when it comes to all the guys here at The Grout Medic hence why he has acquired the nickname “Pewee”. Rest assured that he makes up for it in his experience and professionalism. One of his strongest assets he has in this business is his attention for detail. Whether he is cleaning, repairing, or restoring your tile and grout you can be confident that he won’t miss a single thing. This leads to making your shower, floor or countertop looking like new again. When he is not working, he is spending time with his wife and two wonderful kids.


Miguel attained the tile as master technician by being personally trained by Harold Barrios, our Owner. His background in professional painting and remodeling businesses brings a unique aspect to the table. This wasn’t just any business, but it was also a family ran company with his father. This added aspect makes him one of the best when it comes to treating the customers home like it is his own. He is very neat and tidy, always cleaning up after himself to make sure that it is spotless after he’s done working.


Henry is one of our hardest workers. Having moved to Denver 10 years ago with his mother he needed a means to support the two of them. Being a man who is self-sufficient he came to us and learned the tricks of the trade. He hasn’t stopped working since. We are happy to have him on our team because of his work ethic and his kind regard for the people. Thru and thru he is genuine person.

Jorge M.

Having lived in Denver for 27 years he knows the lay of the land you could say. He started working for us over 4 years ago and has been a great addition to the team. As our “Licenciado” (Lawyer) of the technicians he has a keen eye for detail and takes great care of our clients. What he enjoys most though is spending time with his four kids.

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