Tile and Grout Sealing

In many homes tile is put in some of the most essential places of a home. This means the entry way, kitchen, bathrooms and the like but this incurs traffic patterns in the most visible areas. As it is commonly known with carpet that has been worn over the years you can see where the foot traffic is. The same is true with tile. The most commonly walked area produces a discoloration on the grout as well as the tile face itself. However, this doesn’t have to be the end all when it comes to the look of your tile and grout. Using a system that is safe for the environment we can extract the dirt and grime from the tile face and grout joints with ease. Our system uses a high temperature, low pressure vapor machine that draws up what has attached to the grout and stuck itself in the crevasses of the tile face. In this way we clean the traffic pattern right off the floor to the point of making your tile look as if it was just installed. After this process has been completed, we come through and physically seal each individual grout line to ensure that it penetrates deeply into the grout. In this way we help to prevent it from becoming discolored again.

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