Grout Repair

Do you have loose tiles in your home? You might not think so but take a moment to look at your grout and see if there are any cracked grout lines. This is often an indicator that you have loose tiles whether it be the floors, countertops, bathroom, or shower. However, this isn’t the only cause of cracked grout lines. It may be the result of poor grout mixture or poor installation of the tiles. Regardless of the reason that may cause the cracked grout lines, the Grout Medic is able to get to the root of it. While fixing the root of the problem we can color match the grout lines so that when we replace it, it will all look uniform. If the reason may be that the tile is loose then we ensure that the tile is properly re-bonded.

When it comes to the removal of your grout the Grout Medic takes the time to carefully remove each cracked grout line with skill and precision to not damage the surrounding tiles. In the meantime, we pull up the loose tile and remove the old cement from the floor board and tile backing. This allows us to re-bond the tile properly. In the past, when there was a cracked or loose tile it would mean that the entire floor would need to be replaced costing much more than anyone would like. In our process we can cut it down to a fraction of the cost while still making your tile look beautiful!

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