Tile Repair and Replacement

One of the many unpleasant moments that can happen in a home that has tile in it is when there are one or more tiles that start to crack. Depending on the number of tiles that are cracked and the way that they have cracked will give an indication as to why they have cracked. In the past this would mean that the entire area would need to be replaced in which it would be a costly venture. With our certified technicians we can properly remove the surrounding cracked grout and tile. In doing so we then remove the previous cement attached to the subfloor giving it the proper preparations to bond the new tile. Additionally, we have a wide variety of colors to choose from to ensure the perfect color match when it comes to your grout. The Grout Medic wants to help you every step of the way and that includes in helping you find the replacement tile to match the rest of them.

When it comes to tile and grout, time isn’t kind to it and when it is not properly taken care of, can cause leaks through the porous material or gaps in the grout. This can cause extensive water damage to the backerboard that if allowed to go on without repair, will cause rot and mold to grow. In order to eliminate the damage done the Grout Medic can skillfully remove the tiles where the damage is and properly clean the effected tiles as well as replace the backerboard. This allows us to put it back together as if new.

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