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Searching for Green Tile Cleaning? Look No Further!

Searching for Green Tile Cleaning? Look No Further!

Are harsh chemical cleaners, like bleach, the only way to get things truly clean? The problem with common cleaning chemicals like chlorine is that they can be toxic when ingested and cause major irritation and even damage to your eyes and respiratory system. And if not used carefully with other cleaning agents, it can become a noxious gas. If you have pets and children in your home, they are especially at danger of ingesting bleach off cleaned surfaces.

Are there any other effective cleaning solutions? Yes, there are! In fact, when speaking to grout and tiled surfaces specifically, all you need for cleaning is the power of steam. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing steam cleaning in your home.

Steam Cleaning Sanitizes and Deodorizes

Opting to clean with steam does not mean that your standard of cleanliness must lower. On the contrary! The equipment that professionals use are capable of properly sanitizing and deodorizing all of the areas of your home. This is because these machines can reach temperatures of 212 degrees and up. That’s important to note because it is at 212 degrees that most germs, bacteria, and dust mites are destroyed. This high heat combined with nothing more than water loosens and dislodges deeply embedded grime so that the finished result is a sanitized, sparkling clean surface. And because bacteria is usually the root cause of foul odors, this method of cleaning leaves your spaces smelling fresh as well.

Steam Cleaning Is Safe for Pets and Children

Another benefit of steam cleaning is one we touched on briefly already. It is the fact that it is safer for the pets and children in your household. Children, especially babies, touch their faces and put their hands in their mouths without giving it a second thought. Pets often lick floors and baseboards without your notice. These habits can prove dangerous if the surfaces they are coming into contact with contain the residue from harsh chemicals, but when you clean with steam, there’s nothing to worry about. You can be confident that those surfaces are sanitized and free of anything harmful.

In summary, if you want to explore environmentally friendly cleaning options, look no further than steam cleaning. The Grout Medic would be happy to come out and show you the results that this type of cleaning can get you!

By Grout Medic 12-5-2022

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