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Ways You are Mistreating Your Grout

Ways You are Mistreating Your Grout

Tiles can take your bathroom, kitchen, and flooring from drab to funky, elegant or classic. Tiling is a versatile way to imprint your personality on your home. Even though tile work is durable, if you do not know how to properly take care of it, you could be damaging important areas of your home without even realizing it. These five tips from the experts at The Grout Medic of Colorado Springs will help you preserve all your tile surfaces.

Maintain Caulking

From your kitchen sink to the edges of your tub, caulking provides a sealant that keeps moisture away from the non-waterproof materials behind your tiles. Over time, caulk can wear away from these areas and they will need to be resealed. Make it a habit to examine your caulking every time you clean those areas. If you notice any wear, reapply caulk.

Keep Clean Floors

Lax housekeeping can cause a buildup of dirt and grime on your tile floors. While this may not seem like a big deal, dirt can act like sandpaper on your tile and grout, causing unsightly scratches, wearing off glaze and ultimately damage the grout. Prevent these unwanted problems by sweeping your floors regularly.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Along with being not so great for your health, using harsh chemical cleaners on your tile can shorten their lifespan. Extensively using these chemicals slowly strips the finish off tiles, removes grout sealant, and even dulls the colors of your tile. Choose instead equally effective but gentle cleaners for your tile surfaces.

Clean Spills Immediately

Life is busy and occasionally it is tempting to let small cleaning chores wait. When it comes to spills on tile, speediness is key to preserving their looks. Acidic foods, like citrus and tomatoes, can eat away at finishes. Dark or brightly colored foods, like coffee, wine, or berries, can soak into unsealed grout and permanently stain it.

Skip Abrasive Tools

Scrub pads and steel wool work so well on crusty dishes that it seems natural to use them to clean tile. Unfortunately, these tools will not only remove grime, but can also scratch and damage your tile. Choose instead to only use rags and elbow grease on your tile.

Tile is a beautiful, classic addition to any home and will last decades if treated with care. Call the experts at The Grout Medic to find out how they can help you repair and maintain your tile to preserve it for years to come.

By The Grout Medic Colorado Springs 10-8-2020

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