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All About Glass Tiles

All About Glass Tiles

Thinking of switching things up in 2023? A new backsplash or a new shower surround can breathe fresh air into a home, especially if you are not looking to break the bank with your endeavor.

One particularly beautiful style of tile is glass. Glass tiles can make rooms seem endless and add glamor and dimension to a space. If you are interested to know more about this type of tile, allow us to share some of the highlights that come along with this material.

Maintenance, Durability, and Beyond

When you install a tile addition in your home, you want it to last. You want that hard work and money to contribute to beauty that will be a part of your home for quite some time. So naturally, durability is an important factor when discussing tile types. One of the shining qualities of glass tile is that they are incredibly durable. Thanks to their scratch and stain resistant nature, even years and years after installation, they often look just as beautiful as the day they were installed.

Maintenance is another important consideration. Sometimes the beauty of a material does not justify the level of maintenance it requires. Thankfully, this is not the case with glass tile. They are both beautiful and easy to maintain. As we mentioned previously, glass tile is stain resistant and this is thanks to its non-porous nature. And because they are non-porous, this also means that they are resistant to mold and bacteria growth. As far as cleaning goes, a simple wipe down with soapy water will do the trick.

Because of their ease of maintenance and their exceptional durability, glass tiles are a popular choice for backsplashes and bathrooms, but they don’t excel simply in those spaces. Glass tile is a great choice for nearly any application.

And when it comes to style, glass can meet the aesthetic expectations of anyone. Whether you would describe your style as glamorous, modern, or vintage, there is a glass tile for you.

No matter which tile material you choose for your project, our Grout Medic team is ready to help you get the job done. From installation to maintenance, we've got you covered. Reach out to us today for a free quote for your project!

By Grout Medic 1-3-2023

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