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Heated Tile Flooring; Is It Worth It?

Heated Tile Flooring; Is It Worth It?

If you are in the state of Colorado like we are here at The Grout Medic, you will know that Winter has come for a few unexpected visits so far this year. Bundled up in your cozy bed you may be unbothered by the cold, that is until your feet meet the cold tile floor. Perhaps the thought of having to step out onto the frigid tile after a hot shower has you lingering under the soothing cascade of water just a little while longer.

If that scenario sounds all too familiar, you may be contemplating installing heated tile flooring. The thought of this added luxury certainly sounds lovely, but is it worth it? Let us help you weigh out the pros and cons of heated flooring.


Traditional radiators have to work up to temperatures ranging from the 140’s to the 170’s in order to effectively heat an entire room. Compare that to heated flooring which needs to reach temperatures ranging in the mid-80’s or even less to heat up a space.

Another important contrast between the two is how evenly they are able to heat an area. Take for example, a radiator. Radiators are notorious for being overly hot near close proximity and yet not being able to properly warm the opposing corners of the room, creating cold pockets. Conversely, the heating elements for heated flooring run the length of the room. This way you can achieve one even, ideal temperature.

Because heated flooring does not have to fight as hard as a radiator does to maintain a consistent warmth, it uses less energy. This is turn, saves you money.

Once installed, heated flooring does not require much thought on your end at all. Most systems come equipped with a 30-year guarantee and involve no maintenance. Pair your heating system with a smart thermostat and the rest is taken care of for you.


Of course, there are always two sides to a coin. As with any luxury, probably the first thing to think about is cost. Be sure to factor in the cost for materials and labor, since you will need to hire a certified electrician to perform this service for you. In terms of resell value, however, this investment will prove to be appealing to future buyers if you end up selling.

Additionally, it is important to consider the amount of time installation will require. For heated flooring, a self-leveling compound is going to need to be applied on top of the electrical before placing the flooring over it. This generally takes a day or two to dry.

Overall, heated flooring can be an excellent addition to your home. Or even if you do not want to heat your entire home flooring, perhaps just a small room, like the bathroom, can definitely be worthwhile.

Although the Grout Medic of Colorado Springs does not install heated flooring, we do specialize in all of your tile and grout needs. Be sure to reach out and contact us to provide the finishing touches to your heated tile flooring or to heal any of your damaged tile or grout!

By Grout Medic Colorado Springs 11-14-2019

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