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Can You Put New Grout Over Old Grout

Can You Put New Grout Over Old Grout

One question that we see a lot is whether or not you can put fresh grout directly on top of old grout. It is understandable that people ask this question. Afterall, the less chores you have to do, the better. So, if you can skip out on removing old grout before putting a fresh coat on, why wouldn’t you?

Should You Apply New Grout Over Existing Grout?

At The Grout Medic, we work with grout and tile day in and day out. Needless to say, we have seen all sorts of grout applications. And many times, we are called in to fix some of these grout applications. One of those being layers of grout applied on top of each other. The problem with putting new grout over existing grout is both cosmetic and practical.

As grout exists, it collects dirt, mildew, and bacteria. These things inhibit new grout from bonding properly to the surface. Without a solid bond, your new grout will crumble and begin to fail sooner than it would if it were applied properly.

Secondly, when you place new grout over old grout, it doesn’t look that nice. Usually, you need new grout when your old grout is falling out of place and there are spots where grout is missing from your tile lines. So, when you put new grout directly over this uneven surface, the end result is, well, uneven. Our eyes naturally are drawn to imperfections, so if your grout lines are patchy and uneven, those imperfections will be impossible not to see when you use your space.

In summary, can you apply new grout over old grout? Technically yes. Should you apply new grout over old grout? We wouldn’t recommend it. If you want to save time and get professional results that will look good and stand the test of time, reach out to The Grout Medic. We will take the time to remove all old grout, replace it, and seal it so that you are left with clean grout lines. Give us a call today to get a free quote!

By Grout Medic 10-6-2022

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