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Water Damage and Tile

Water Damage and Tile

As great as it is to have an indoor pool in your home, having one form in your home unexpectedly from a leak or a faulty appliance is never a good thing. A little extra water might seem like a minor inconvenience at first, but over time you could end up with a serious case of water damage. To make matters worse, you might not even notice that you have water damage in your home until the problem is too large to properly fix.

An important way to prevent water damage in your home is to watch for any stained or discolored tiles. Most tiles are water-resistant when they are professionally installed and sealed, but they can be damaged over time. Water can seep into cracks between the tiles, causing them to loosen and deteriorate. You can find these damaged tiles by tapping them with a coin or some other metal object and listen for a hollow sound. If these tiles are caught and replaced quickly, you can usually keep the water damage to a minimum.

Other Sources of Water Damage

While most people picture leaky roofs and pipes when they imagine water damage, older appliances, and connection hoses are also common culprits. These appliances should be inspected regularly to prevent leaking, and connection hoses should be replaced every three to five years. Even the smallest leaks can cause serious problems, so you cannot disregard even a tiny amount of water near your appliances.

Repairing Water Damage Quickly

If you notice water damage in any part of your home, it is vital that you repair it as quickly as possible. Damaged flooring often needs to be treated for mildew before it can be replaced. Termites also thrive in damp wood, so any water-damaged wood should be promptly removed before the pests can make themselves at home.

Whether you have noticed water damage in your home, or you merely suspect it, contact Grout Medic Denver for a free consultation. Our experts can inspect your home for any signs of damage and make any necessary repairs. If the problem areas are identified quickly, we can often have your home looking like new before long. For more information about our restoration services, contact Grout Medic Denver today.

By Grout Medic Colorado Springs 5-19-2021

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