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Should You Remodel or Restore Your Tile and Grout

Should You Remodel or Restore Your Tile and Grout

Warmer weather brings many benefits. Among them is home buying season. Many are looking to sell their home and move elsewhere this time of year while the kids are out of school. This means that it is going to take some time to get it ready to sell. We have found that over the years one of the main areas in the home that needs to be restored or remodeled is the tile and grout. Often kitchens and showers are the worst since they see daily wear and tear. Understandably you don’t want to put too much into what you’re about to get rid of. Therefore, the question comes into mind: Should you restore or remodel your tile and grout areas?

As the Grout Medic, we have seen a lot of homes with badly damaged and unkept showers and kitchen floors that we have restored over the years. Here are some key factors to consider:

1. Price

Among homeowner’s biggest concern is how much it will cost. This is first on the list when considering if you should even go through with the project. A remodel is not only a big job, but it is also heavy on the wallet. Many times, this will get homeowners wondering if there is an easier and cheaper way to achieve the end result that is desired. Restoring the tile and grout that is already there brings the cost down quite a bit. It already sounds more appealing than a huge project. The Grout Medic can clean your tile and grout with immaculate detail causing the look of it to look as beautiful as the day that it was first installed.

2. Time

Time, like money is something we tend to need more of. While getting your home ready to sell time is limited. Usually deadlines are involved, and stress runs higher. It also will put you out of a bathroom or kitchen for a bit. The more extensive the project is the longer you’ll be out of one of your most essential rooms in the house. Consider too that a remodel project is dependent on various variables such as how big the area is, the type of tile you will use, and of course the hiccups along the way. If you’re not want to spend longer than a weekend on a project, then it would be advantageous to opt for a restore instead of a remodel.

3. Look

Look is very important whether it’s for you or the potential homebuyer. You want it to look stunning, beautiful and captivating to the eye. A remodel would certainly accomplish this. Note that you also want it to look like you took care of your home over the years. This can all be accomplished with a restoration. Wanting to change the look of it to make it more appealing doesn’t have to mean that you tear it all out. The Grout Medic has color sealers that make it look like that is a completely different tile in there because it draws out different colors than before.

The decision on whether to remodel or restore can be difficult to make. Making the best decision will depend on the amount of funds you have and the time you’re willing to put into in. The Grout Medic in Colorado Springs wants to help you save on both. Call us today for a free evaluation! Don’t settle for less, but instead get the most out of what you got!

By Grout Medic Colorado Springs 6-5-2019

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