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Things to Consider When Tiling Your Shower

Things to Consider When Tiling Your Shower

Tile is a home mainstay for all sorts of reasons. From durability to style, it has so much to offer. If you walk into any American home today, odds are that you will find tiles lining the shower walls. The Grout Medic is extremely familiar with all tiled areas in the home, including the shower. So, we are more than happy to share a few pointers with you that we have learned along the way.

Use Small Glass Tiles

Aside from the fact that working with smaller tiles in confined spaces can prove to be less frustrating, smaller tiles are also ideal when working with glass tiles for another reason. And that is because a shower is a unique space that is constantly in contact with water. This presents a set of unique issues. When dealing with glass tiles, sometimes water can become trapped behind them. This results in a dirty looking shower, even if it is sparkling clean. To combat this issue and still use your tile material of choice, opt for smaller pieces instead.

Add Interest with Patterns

Tiles offer many opportunities to let your personality shine. When designing your shower, why not entertain the idea of adding an accent color? Many incorporate this idea by having an accent wall, typically the largest, back panel. You can create a romantic mosaic as the centerpiece. To keep the eye from being overwhelmed, you may wish to keep the complimenting walls a more neutral pattern. Or you can go for a more subdued, yet still interesting pattern by aligning the tiles in an intriguing way. You can do this by setting them in a diagonal pattern or you can do a chevron pattern if you are dealing with a subway shaped tile.

Draw the Eye Upwards

If you are looking for an easy way to add a high-end look to your bathroom, consider having the tile installed all the way up to the ceiling. This will make your shower appear as if it stretches on and on. And if you have niches for bottles to sit, do not let those go to waste! They are the perfect space to add a bit of contrast and fun. You can tile that space with a different color, or style, or both to add an interesting contrast.

If you have a clear design in mind before getting started, you are sure to achieve the bathroom remodel you have been dreaming of. With these helpful tricks in mind, you can put some of our expert experience to use before you even give us a call!

By The Grout Medic Colorado Springs 9-10-2020

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