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What Kind of Tile Should I Use for My Project

What Kind of Tile Should I Use for My Project

If you're interested in installing tile flooring in your home, you have a lot of different options. Ceramic and natural stone tiles are most popular. However, tile is made from all sorts of materials, including quartz, metal, stone and more. You can even purchase less common options like tile that is made from glass, terra cotta, brick or cement. At TheColorado Springs Grout Medic we have repaired and cleaned almost every type of tile out there. This has given usthe chance to see a thing or two on how each type of tile holds up over time.

Since ceramic tile is one of the most popular options, it might be something you'll want to check out. Ceramic tile is available in either a porcelain or non-porcelain option. Non-porcelain ceramic tile is typically made from brown, red or white clay. Porcelain tile, on the other hand, is made from a mixture of clay, minerals and a mixture of sand or dust that is known as feldspar. With either option, you can choose either glazed or unglazed tile.

You will probably want to choose glazed tile; it is more resistant to scratches, provides better traction when it's wet and holds up better overall. It is a bit more expensive but is often the better choice, particularly for bathrooms and kitchens.

Natural stone tile that is made from marble, granite, slate and other options is becoming increasingly popular. When you buy natural stone tile in Colorado Springs, you'll know that your tile was made from natural materials that were quarried, cut to the appropriate size and then finished.

Many people like natural stone tile because it is so unique. It also lends a high-end appearance. There are many types and patterns that you can choose from, and no two tiles are exactly the same. Of course, if you choose natural stone tile for your home in Colorado Springs, you'll need to choose a material.

Granite is one very popular option. You might already know about granite because of its popularity for use for kitchen countertops. Many people like granite tiles for kitchen flooring, too, because it's scratch-resistant after it is polished.

Slate is another good option for high-traffic areas of the home. It is very durable, and it comes in dark, earthy tones that many people love for their homes. Marble comes in many colors and is a beautiful option, but it's porous. This means that it's not usually a good choice for kitchens or other high-traffic areas unless it is sealed often. Limestone is another attractive option, but it's not as durable as many other types of natural stone tile, so it should be used in areas where there is not a lot of traffic to prevent stains and scratches. It should also be sealed regularly by a company that offers grout and tile repair.

If you choose natural stone tile for your home, you will need to choose between natural, honed and polished finishes. For a smooth and matte surface that isn't too slippery, opt for a honed surface. Opt for a natural finish if you'd like to maintain the more natural look of the stone. Hire a grout and tile repair company for a polished finish if you want your tile to look very shiny, but be careful about doing so, since polished tile can be very slippery.

Whichever type of tile you decide to get, make sure that you take care of your investment throughout the years. Here in Colorado Springs the Grout Medic is able to do a yearly cleaning and sealing on your tile and grout. This will keep it looking like the day you had it first installed! Give us a call today to set up a free home estimate!

By The Grout Medic Colorado Springs 10-2-2019

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